In two weeks’ time we will be hosting the fourth seminar in our funded seminar series “networkED: technology in Education”. David White from the Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford, will be talking on how contemporary students are developing their own approaches to learning taking advantage of online collaboration and abundance of information, while the educational establishment is struggling to adapt to the “implications of the web”. David will discuss how the convenience of the web might shift learning & teaching focus back onto critical and creative thinking.

Dave concentrates on learners; and he speculates that teachers are not only struggling to keep up with them but might be at a greater disadvantage for not appreciating or accepting the changes that the move online has brought about. His perspective should follow on nicely from our last seminar in March, when Martin Weller explored the meaning of “digital scholarship”, focusing on what academics might want to change and accomplish – and do differently.

Visit our CLT networkED webpage for more information.

As before, we will be live streaming the event as well as recording it and are hoping for active engagement within the room (Thai Theatre, NAB) and outside the room: use the hashtag #LSENetED to contribute via twitter. Dave White tweets as @daveowhite. We tweet as @lseclt (or @authenticdasein). Do join us, online or in the room! LSE staff and PG students can book online for the live event, externals who would like to be there in the flesh should contact either s [dot] grussendorf [at] lse [dot] ac [dot] uk or j [dot] secker[at] lse [dot] ac [dot] uk. But if you’d rather join our live-stream, visit our main NeworkED CLT webpage on 9th may at 3pm and watch online.

For more information on David White’s current research project, visit the JISC project page, “Visitors and Residents: What motivates engagement with the digital information environment”.