“Flipping” the lecture is an approach that has been gaining popularity in UK education recently. It means providing students with a video recording in lieu of an actual lecture, and then using the timetabled lecture period to do something more interactive with students.

One pioneer of this approach is Carl Gombrich, director of the Arts and Sciences programme at UCL. In his words, “it is a no-brainer to me that generally students get more than double the benefit by seeing your lecture on a video … and then have a full hour in which to discuss their thoughts on the video.” You can read more in Carl’s reflections on a year of flipped lectures.

CLT would love to hear from any member of lecturing staff who would like to try something similar at LSE. The Echo360 lecture recording system enables not only recording of live lectures, but also personal recording from the desktop, so your video lectures can be a more intimate affair. If this sounds interesting, please drop us a line at clt-support@lse.ac.uk.