Maria and Seow WeiStudent Ambassadors for Digital Literacy (SADL) has now run for 2 years, coordinated by Learning Technology and Innovation (LTI) and the Library. It is aimed at undergraduate students and this year was offered to students in Statistics, Social Policy, International Relations and Law. Students were recruited to attend 4 workshops over the course of the year to develop their digital literacy skills, in terms of finding and evaluating information, improving their reading and research, managing and sharing information and managing their online identity.

This year four students who completed the programme in 2013/14 acted as Senior Ambassadors to help develop and teach the workshops and provide peer support for students.  This year we had our first graduate from the programme, Seow Wei Chin, from the Department of Statistics, who had been involved in the project from the start and acted as a senior ambassador while in her final year at LSE. Seow Wei also attended several national conferences where she spoke about her involvement in SADL. Here she is pictured with Maria Bell, who is the library lead for the programme, on the day she was awarded her first class honours degree. Read Seow Wei’s reflections on her SADL experience on the SADL blog. Seow Wei recently told us:

“I am glad I joined SADL because I wouldn’t have known anything about copyright or any qualitative skills …. [SADL] really helped me a lot like research and managing information. It helped me through my second year. In my third year I am doing a half quantitative half qualitative module, so I feel more confident, being able to extract the skills from SADL to work on that. And I could actually teach others when they needed help as well.”