Lecturers will need to opt-in for their lectures to be recorded. Please visit LSE for You and complete the form so that we can record your lectures. Please note that this task cannot be delegated to anyone else.  There are detailed instructions available on our website.

If your lectures do not appear on that form, please check the timetable to ensure your lectures have been allocated to you correctly. Contact timetables@lse.ac.uk to correct any errors.

Once the first recording is complete you will receive an email informing you that the lecture is ready to view. Please see our guidance on how to publish your recordings in Moodle.

If you already have a link to lecture recordings in your Moodle course, it is likely that this is to last academic year’s recordings. Unless you want 2018/19 students to watch those recordings, please remove or hide that link.

Recording seminars

LTI are aware that some departments classify their teaching as “seminars” so that they benefit from a register, and can schedule more than one session in a week. Unfortunately, these sessions do not appear for selection in LSE for You. We are working with the Law, Finance and Management departments (who are most affected by this problem) to collate sessions that must be recorded. Nevertheless, if you are not in one of those departments and wish to have teaching sessions not classified as “Lectures” recorded, please email lti.lecturerecording@lse.ac.uk and give details of the sessions.

Guest lecturers

Lecturers who are not members of LSE will not be able to complete the form in LSE for You. Please ensure you have their consent to be recorded by asking them to complete the release form.  Email this, with details of the session to be recorded, to lti.lecturerecording@lse.ac.uk.

Further advice

Before making an enquiry not covered above, please see our Frequently Asked Questions about lecture recording