Can be about blogs in general or blogs for teaching and learning.

Social Software Workshop

A new workshop has been added to the E-literacy for E-Learning programme:

Social Software: blog it, tag it, share it!
Friday, 10th November, 12:00 – 13:30

This session is a mixture of demonstration and hands-on activities covering blogs, RSS, news readers and social bookmarking. It looks at reading blogs as a way of keeping up-to-date in your field, focusing on how to find academic and other relevant blogs. One feature of blogs is that they produce RSS feeds, also known as news feeds. RSS feeds can be collected and read in a news reader allowing you to read the content of multiple blogs and other news sites (such as the BBC) in one place. The session will show you how to set up an online news reader for collating your personalised news, saving you from having to visit each site individually. Finally, the session looks at social bookmarking, the practice of storing your Internet Favourites or Bookmarks online, allowing you to access them from anywhere and share them with others.

Full Details & Booking

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Reading Blogs Guide

Meant to mention this when i wrote it…. The new IPE blog includes a Reading Blogs Guide I did for them.  Comments welcome and feel free to use it on other blogs.  Maybe i should add it to this one?

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Digital Directions – Law Blog

From my friend at the Law College 😉

Digital directions Blog

This e-learning based blog will give law academics the opportunity to discuss the use of technology in their or others’ work

Might be useful for the upcoming social software sessions.

Academic Blogs

A number of academic blogs were mentioned in a recent THES article*.  I’m recording them here as they may be of use in planning the new blogging etc workshop:

Must start looking for some UK ones.  This law firm blog was also sent to me recently: (IP & IT law)

*There’s no link to the THES article “ or Or be silent and take up stamp collecting” as although I eventually managed to find it online (via Lexis-Nexis & athens login) I couldn’t figure out how to do a link… please feel free to add one!  The article if you didn’t see it was about the potential pitfalls of academic blogging with regard to career progression…

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ALT-C Wiki

Following jane’s postings I was wondering if ALT were organising any online coverage or if others were blogging.

The ALT-C wiki doesn’t really seem to have taken off…. but there is a link to a handful of photos on Flickr A couple of ALT-C bloggers can be found on Technorati and some more (including this blog) on a Google alt-c blog search

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Designs on E-learning Symposium

I’m ‘attending’ this Designs on E-learning symposium online as I can’t go in person for the whole day.  The content is focussed on “innovations in technology and elearning in relation to art, design and communication subject areas” with, it seems, a focus on ‘Web 2.0’, blogging, podcasting etc.

However it was the format I wanted flag up.  Comments made in the online discussion will be viewable by participants in face-to-face discussion:

“Participants attending online will be able to access face-to-face discussions and contribute through synchronous conferencing and face-to-face participants will be able to transfer to online discussions whenever they wish. Communication technologies will be used extensively throughout the symposium in order to provide multiple channels for discussion and multiple means of recording and representation. Both audio and video Podcasts will be made of the Symposium and will be available on the Designs on eLearning website following the event.”

There are currently about 50 online and 50 attending participants booked.  I’ll post a report here too.


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e-learning 2.0

The 2.0s are out in force…

Thanks to EdBloggerNews I’m now reading

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OpenAcademic Going Live

A new collaboration in the pipeline: this “project is dedicated to integrating Elgg, Drupal, Moodle, and Mediawiki. All code developed under this project will be released back to the respective communities under an open source license, and it will be freely available to download and distribute.”

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Online Collaboration Using Weblogs and Wikis

Here’s the presentation from our lunchtime workshop (19 June 2006).

Session outline: Recent technologies, such as weblogs and wikis offer new possibilities for online collaboration and communication. A weblog is a webpage containing entries on a topic provided by an individual or group of writers. Weblog readers are then able to comment on these entries. A Wiki is a website of editable web pages, enabling users to collectively write documents and link them together. Weblogs and Wikis are quick and easy to use and don’t require technical knowledge. This session will explore the potential of these tools in teaching and learning. It will look at examples of weblogs and wikis in use and provide opportunities for hands-on activities and discussion.

Using Blogs in Education

Blog MatrixInspired by Scott Leslie’s original matrix of some uses of blogs in education I have produced a new version. As you will see it also owes much to this Dutch version which Scott Leslie highlighted recently on his blog when writing about a further excellent drag-and-drop version which it also draws on!

So why yet another version? Well, I wanted wanted a simple version in English (!) that would work well as a Powerpoint slide for our forthcoming internal workshop on weblogs and wikis. I think this will but all comments welcome! It was created with PowerPoint and converted to an image for this blog posting (Click the thumbnail for a large version).

MANY thanks to the original authors!


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