Liz Griffith

About Liz Griffith

Liz Griffith is Marketing, Analytics and Communications Manager in the Department of Management at LSE.

My experiences beyond Management at LSE

University is about learning new things, developing yourself and obviously managing your studies alongside all this. On my first day at LSE, one of the first thing my professor told me was that you should treat your Global Master’s in Management as if it were your first job and do things as you would at work. I thought to myself, […]

Alum of the Month: Mareike, researcher and teacher

Mareike Moehlmann
LSE Department of Management Alum of the Month – May 2017

Programme studied at LSE: MSc Public Management and Governance

Year of Graduation: 2010

We picked Mareike as Alum of the Month for May because of her fascinating research interests and her varied career path. Having previously worked for the United Nations, Mareike has since gone on to research in the […]

What is your greatest fear coming to university?

Find out what LSE students were most scared of before coming to study here.

How do you feel about the prospect of finally going to university? I’m sure, or I hope, that you’re feeling excited, proud and happy. However, I’ve been in your shoes before and I know it can be a weird and contradictory bundle of emotions. For me, […]

How I prototyped my career

One Saturday afternoon during my second term at the LSE I was wearing glasses made out of plastic cup rims and straws around campus, asking students whether they were interested in smart glasses that tint in different colours depending on what kinds of food you are looking at – red for unhealthy choices and green for light ones. Needless […]

What is open innovation and how can companies use it?

In the 20th century, most traditional industrial corporations used closed innovation methods, where all the creation, selection and development of ideas happened behind closed doors. Firms under this paradigm hired the smartest people, valuable scientists, and invested more in research and development within the company boundaries. Innovation happened in a fairly linear fashion until the advancement of technology gave […]

How LSE helped make me the person I am today

While at a recent event in November 2016 at LSE with Global Master’s in Management students, I was asked if I was a student. Having graduated with a BSc and MSc in Management back in 2002 and 2003 respectively, this was music to my ears. It has been well over a decade since I left LSE to start my […]

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    Studying abroad with our Global MiM: Everything you need to know

Studying abroad with our Global MiM: Everything you need to know

LSE’s Global Master’s in Management is the only MiM programme in the world to offer international exchanges with a choice of 41 leading business schools worldwide. In the second year of the programme students can choose between two international options: the CEMS Master’s in International Management double degree with 31 partner schools worldwide, or the MBA Exchange term with 10 partner […]

Alum of the Month: Rian Watt, data analyst and storyteller

Rian Watt
LSE Department of Management Alum of the Month – April 2017

Programme studied at LSE: MSc Public Management and Governance

Year of Graduation: 2015

Tagline: “I tell simple stories about complex data.”

What’s your current job?

That’s a bit of a loaded question. Nine to five, I work as a policy analyst for a firm called Abt Associates, based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. We […]

How LSE shaped me and my career

Prior to pursuing the MSc in Organisational Behaviour at LSE, I worked at a global youth-run non-profit organisation where I had the opportunity to do a breadth of work in talent management and leadership. Through my work, I discovered my passion for psychology, leadership and HR – however, I knew I needed both the depth of knowledge as well […]

Why we need more women in technology

Did you know that women invented some of the most important technologies in modern day life? This includes the computer algorithm, wireless transmission technology, CCTV and the first user-friendly business software program, to mention a few.

So why are there so few women in technology? Let’s start off with some depressing statistics. Gender imbalance in IT is nothing new, but […]