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    Chinese banks are accused of widespread money laundering. What does this mean for China?

Chinese banks are accused of widespread money laundering. What does this mean for China?

China has achieved phenomenal growth over recent decades, and its banks are now among the biggest in the world.

Many are aggressively expanding overseas as the domestic economy slows, and in support of increasingly international ambitions of Chinese businesses. But, as they venture abroad, they are falling foul of regulations, especially anti-money laundering (AML) controls, indicating a pressing need for […]

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    Multinationals in China: How ‘local’ should management go?

Multinationals in China: How ‘local’ should management go?

Zhongxia Chen, an Executive Global Master’s in Management graduate, finds that differences between Western and local management may not be as pronounced as many companies believe.

Any multinational seeking to build a strong base in China will inevitably confront the question of how ‘local’ an approach to adopt, particularly when it comes to management. Foreign firms active in Asia’s biggest […]

Leadership: It’s more than inspiration

‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’  – John Quincy Adams

Leadership is about inspiring, supporting and encouraging employees to improve themselves and thereby delivering improved performance. In order to influence employees’ performance, leaders need to focus on the positive factors of colleagues’ skills and communication style, as […]

Navigating the ‘new AML normal’

A series of recent news events have highlighted the continued focus of global regulators on money laundering and compliance failures at international financial institutions — and made it clear this focus is only likely to intensify in the months ahead. This makes it more crucial than ever that institutions have the people and processes in place to anticipate and […]

Collaborating in the battle against cancer

Opportunities arrive in life and, whether they’re planned or serendipitous, i’m a firm believer in grasping them all with a sense of adventure. Such was the case when, over lunch, I mentioned to my LSE friend and classmate, Arnie Purushotham, a renowned breast cancer surgeon, researcher and Director of King’s Health Partners Comprehensive Cancer Centre, that, since I was […]

Houston, we have lift off! Why I chose the LSE EGMiM

When a NASA or SpaceX rocket blasts its way off the launch pad, it is a loud and spectacular sight. For me, watching such a launch has always brought me an array of feelings – humility, fright and fascination. Fighting my way through academic and career challenges can sometimes give me the same feelings. It was therefore not a […]

Bonuses: How much myth and how much reality?

The connection between executive compensation schemes and performance was brought into sharp focus again in November 2015 after Deutsche Bank’s co-Chief Executive John Cryan stated that bonuses do not encourage banking executives to work harder. He specified that bankers shouldn’t be rewarded as entrepreneurs, highlighting the underlying belief that bonuses may not drive the behaviours they are intended to […]