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Five tips to ace your LSE application

Applications for LSE’s programmes are now open – but before you submit, check out our tips straight from the Graduate Admissions office. See a full list of our Management programmes or come learn about them in person or via livestream on 21 November at our annual Applicants’ Evening.

Do your research

We receive applications from lots of prospective students who […]

Cappuccino with Chandler: the best cafés for studying

Like all management students, Saanya Narang found herself with lots of reading to do. But rather than staying in the library, she ventured out to find the best coffee shops for studying near LSE – and these were her favourites.

I’m always asked how I find the time to explore London whilst being a student in the Global Masters in Management […]

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    Saying goodbye to perfectionism: reflections on my first term at LSE

Saying goodbye to perfectionism: reflections on my first term at LSE

‘What would be the point of being at LSE if I do not feel challenged?’ Global Master’s in Management student Maieule de Carné, learns to let go of perfectionism, and focus on learning.

It is the last Thursday before the end of term, and here I am, sitting on a plane to Dublin reflecting on my first semester at LSE. […]

Welcome tips for your first week at LSE Management

In celebration of the start of the 2017-18 academic year, we interviewed a few of last year’s Department of Management students for some words of wisdom for the new programme cohorts.
Here’s what they had to say about life as an LSE Management student.
‘It’s really going to define your experience here’
MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation 2016/17 student, […]

5 tips to excel in the GMAT and your LSE application

Attendees at our information session on 6 September got some top tips from representatives of GMAT and LSE Graduate Admissions on the essential elements of a successful application process. Here are our top five takeaways from the evening. You can also watch the full recording of the panel below.

1. Understand the GMAT before you go and choose your target score

The GMAT […]

My journey from LSE student to global entrepreneur

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re probably like me – thinking about (or already) studying a graduate business programme at LSE. Sure, we come from all over the world in different shapes, sizes, races, and genders, but if I had to guess, I’d wager we all share something in common.

I’d be willing to bet we all carry some […]

My experiences beyond Management at LSE

University is about learning new things, developing yourself and obviously managing your studies alongside all this. On my first day at LSE, one of the first thing my professor told me was that you should treat your Global Master’s in Management as if it were your first job and do things as you would at work. I thought to myself, […]

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    Six reasons we can be optimistic about the world economy in 2017

Six reasons we can be optimistic about the world economy in 2017

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit in a classroom with fifty other students, and listen to Jim O’Niel (Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, and former Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs) talk about what direction he believes the world’s economy is taking.

When I started the course ‘Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Markets’ as part of my MSc in Economics […]

An introvert’s guide to networking at LSE

Global Master’s in Management student Payal Budhraja shares her tips for making the most of the networking opportunities offered on your programme– even if you’re not a social butterfly.

One of my personal goals when joining the two-year Global Master’s in Management programme was at LSE to improve my networking skills, be less afraid to approach people, and obviously, find an […]