Global Master’s in Management

To MiM or to GMiM: that is the question…

Many prospective students wonder: what’s the difference between LSE’s two Master’s in Management programmes? Global Masters in Management student Mitali Chordia offers her advice, with inputs from Janice Shwetha Jacob (Master’s in Management) to help you decide.

Anyone looking at graduate programmes offered by the Department of Management quickly notices that there are two Masters in Management. And, since the only […]

CEMS network expands to U.S. to include Cornell

Students enrolled on LSE Management’s Global Master’s in Management (GMiM) programme will now be able to apply to study at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY through the CEMS exchange network. The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business will be the first US business school to join CEMS – the Global Alliance in Management Education.

This collaboration will provide the opportunity for GMiM […]

How I overcame my worst fears – and my comfort zone

Moving beyond your comfort zone can be scary. Global Master’s in Management student Alice Brazil-Burns reveals what she learned about overcoming her fears at Farrah Storr’s Women in Business lecture, where the inspiring Cosmopolitan editor explained her advice for succeeding in adversity.

As the middle-child born and raised in Manchester, Farrah Storr realised she needed to step out of her comfort zone […]

Five tips to ace your LSE application

Applications for LSE’s programmes are now open – but before you submit, check out our tips straight from the Graduate Admissions office. See a full list of our Management programmes or come learn about them in person or via livestream on 21 November at our annual Applicants’ Evening.

Do your research

We receive applications from lots of prospective students who […]

Why international experience puts LSE students in demand

More than ever, businesses need employees with international experience. For Business Because, Marco De Novelis looks at how LSE’s Global Master’s in Management gives students valuable pathways towards important global exposure.

By Marco De Novelis for Business Because

Employers have long-appreciated international experience in university grads. In 2011, in the biggest survey ever conducted on the subject, QS found over 80% of employers […]

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    Of passion and purpose: an insider’s guide to succeeding at LSE

Of passion and purpose: an insider’s guide to succeeding at LSE

Life at LSE is what you make of it. And for Global Master’s in Management student Inaya Kamal, getting their most out of your degree is about much more than just studying. Here are her lessons for new starters looking to make the best of it.

To those who are coming to LSE with the pure goal of excelling in […]

Millennials in the workplace – heroes or headaches?

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of LSE’s international exchange partner CEMS, the Department of Management held a public lecture focusing on the challenges facing different generations at work. MSc Management & Strategy student Srishti Gupta attended the ‘Mastering the multi-generational workplace’ talk to find out whether Millennials really are as bad as they’re made out.

Every millennial at some point has […]

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    Could the Internet of Things trigger a wave of privacy breaches?

Could the Internet of Things trigger a wave of privacy breaches?

As everyday objects become increasingly connected, the threat posed by hackers grows. But as Executive Global Master’s in Management student Vera Nicotra discovered upon researching her dissertation, the corporations who are pioneering the Internet of Things are remarkably lax when it comes to protecting privacy. 


Commercially, the Internet of Things (IoT) is experiencing exponential growth. Soon, these connected devices are likely to […]

Learning the Nordic Way at the Graduate Business Conference

As the President of the Graduate Management Society, Stephanie Bonham was invited to the Graduate Business Conference in Denmark, where she discovered the secrets of Nordic business – and fell in love with her subject all over again. 

Two months ago, I stepped off a plane and into Copenhagen.

I was filled with anticipation and excitement, but I didn’t really know what to […]

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    Going beyond theories: how LSE teaches management differently

Going beyond theories: how LSE teaches management differently

How does LSE’s commitment to ‘understanding the causes of things’ shape the way management is taught? Global Master’s in Management student Maieule de Carné reveals how different her graduate studies were from her undergraduate, and why it’s changed her perspective on business.

Having graduated with a degree in Business & Management with German, people asked me why I had then enrolled in the […]