MSc Management and Strategy

Which management degree is the right one for me?

With eight full-time Master’s programmes on offer at LSE Management, it can be difficult at first glance to understand the unique offerings of each course. In this blog post, Management and Strategy student Tomisin Ogunsanya explains how he decided between two management degrees on his quest to prepare himself for the world of business consultancy.

When I was selecting my master’s, I […]

Five tips to ace your LSE application

Applications for LSE’s programmes are now open – but before you submit, check out our tips straight from the Graduate Admissions office. See a full list of our Management programmes or come learn about them in person or via livestream on 21 November at our annual Applicants’ Evening.

Do your research

We receive applications from lots of prospective students who […]

Millennials in the workplace – heroes or headaches?

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of LSE’s international exchange partner CEMS, the Department of Management held a public lecture focusing on the challenges facing different generations at work. MSc Management & Strategy student Srishti Gupta attended the ‘Mastering the multi-generational workplace’ talk to find out whether Millennials really are as bad as they’re made out.

Every millennial at some point has […]

Deal or no deal: how LSE improved my negotiating skills

Most people think that negotiation is a niche skill which is rarely needed in everyday life. That’s what Srishti Gupta thought too – until she took Negotiation Analysis, a module on the MSc Management and Strategy programme which opened her eyes to the way negotiation shapes our lives.

There are some skills in life that, though necessary, aren’t actively taught in the […]

Cappuccino with Chandler: the best cafés for studying

Like all management students, Saanya Narang found herself with lots of reading to do. But rather than staying in the library, she ventured out to find the best coffee shops for studying near LSE – and these were her favourites.

I’m always asked how I find the time to explore London whilst being a student in the Global Masters in Management […]

Management Debunked: Porter’s Five Forces

Like many Department of Management students, Srishti Gupta found herself learning many useful new theories – which can be tricky to remember. Here’s Srishti’s explanation of one of the key frameworks: Porter’s five forces.

If you’re a management student, you’re bound to come across Porter’s five forces sooner or later. Chances are that if you’re just starting out in this […]

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    Saying goodbye to perfectionism: reflections on my first term at LSE

Saying goodbye to perfectionism: reflections on my first term at LSE

‘What would be the point of being at LSE if I do not feel challenged?’ Global Master’s in Management student Maieule de Carné, learns to let go of perfectionism, and focus on learning.

It is the last Thursday before the end of term, and here I am, sitting on a plane to Dublin reflecting on my first semester at LSE. […]

Ries’s Pieces: How I came to love LSE public lectures

Srishti Gupta takes us on one student’s journey of the renowned LSE public lecture series as she learns about Eric Ries’ lean start-up ideology and its role in the field of management.

One of the unique things that LSE offers as part of its university experience is its famous public lectures series. The themes of these lectures cut across all departments, […]

Welcome tips for your first week at LSE Management

In celebration of the start of the 2017-18 academic year, we interviewed a few of last year’s Department of Management students for some words of wisdom for the new programme cohorts.
Here’s what they had to say about life as an LSE Management student.
‘It’s really going to define your experience here’
MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation 2016/17 student, […]