5 minutes with…

5 minutes with Frank Wilczek

We were very pleased to have (Nobel Laureate) Frank Wilczek (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) visit the department and give a fantastic public lecture based on his new book to a packed Old Theatre. To view his presentation, “A Beautiful Question: finding nature’s deep design”, click here. Afterwards Andy Lewis-Pye (LSE) conducted a brief interview with Frank, to follow up […]

5 minutes with Andre Nies

Andre Nies (University of Auckland) visited our Department to present his seminar on “Interactions of computability and randomness”.  He also kindly took time out with Andy Lewis-Pye (LSE) to answer a few questions on his research, the future of algorithmic randomness and incorporating classical music into his presentations.




You’ve been doing some fascinating work on the interactions between computability and randomness. […]

5 minutes with Yannai A. Gonczarowski

We were pleased to have Yannai. A. Gonczarowski (Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Microsoft Research) visit our Department recently. During his time with us, he not only gave his excellent seminar on “Cascading to Equilibrium: Hydraulic Computation of Equilibria in Resource Selection Games”, but also generously gave his time to answer a short Q & A, covering everything from […]