5 minutes with Yannai A. Gonczarowski

We were pleased to have Yannai. A. Gonczarowski (Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Microsoft Research) visit our Department recently. During his time with us, he not only gave his excellent seminar on “Cascading to Equilibrium: Hydraulic Computation of Equilibria in Resource Selection Games”, but also generously gave his time to answer a short Q & A, covering everything from […]

Andy Lewis-Pye – The strange patterns of segregation

In 1969, the economist Thomas Schelling was seeking to understand some of the game theoretic considerations underlying the kind of racial segregation observed in large American cities at that time. Using only a chequerboard and some zinc and copper coins, he ran a simple experiment, known as the Schelling Segregation Model (chequerboard – SSM). With the coins originally randomly […]