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Image Politics in the Middle East

Tweet “Politics in the Middle East is now seen,” says Lina Khatib. “The image is at the heart of political struggle, which has become an endless process of images battling, reversing, erasing and replacing other images.” Khatib, head of the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy at Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, will speak this coming Thursday […]

December 7th, 2012|News & Events|0 Comments|

Review of Nuclear Iran: The Birth of An Atomic State

Tweet Drawing on years of research and access to unique sources, journalist David Patrikarakos’ new book, Nuclear Iran: The Birth of An Atomic State, just shortlisted for a  International Affairs Book of the Year award, tells the history of Iran’s nuclear programme from its beginning under the Shah until the present day. Patrikarakos spoke about his book at LSE this week and a podcast of […]

December 6th, 2012|Book Reviews|4 Comments|

Competing Economic Visions in the Arab Uprisings: Navigating without Roadmaps

On 19 November, Dr Nasser Saidi gave a lecture at LSE on the need for economic reforms and roadmaps across the Middle East and North Africa. 

“Roadmaps, of course, is a dirty word,” said Dr Saidi in the lecture. “It’s a four-letter word in our part of the world. We’ve had so many roadmaps that have led nowhere, but I chose it [in my title] […]

Future Shorts: Cinematic Cityscapes, Marginalized Subjectivities and the Paradox of Identity in the Middle East

Tweet By Dr Nadia Mounajjed Last Friday, the MEC, in collaboration with Future Shorts, screened nine short films from (and about) the Middle East with differing narrative structures, cultural codes and ideologies. The screening, part of the Centre’s conversation21 art festival (generously funded by the LSE Annual Fund), offered a cinematic journey and shed light on a cultural imaginary that was produced in, or […]

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Sheikhs, Politicians and Revolutionaries: The Political Sociology of Salafism in the Wake of the Arab Spring

On 12 November, Sciences Po’s Dr Stéphane Lacroix gave a lecture at LSE on the prominence which the Salafi movement has gained with the Arab uprisings. Lacroix’s presentation focused on Egypt, exploring the sociology, economy and politics of the country’s Salafi movement and its different factions in order to better understand the role it is playing in the current political context.
You […]

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