The Impact of Visa Denial in Academia

by Sukaina Ehdeed

When your visa applications to attend academic conferences get routinely denied, you lose any enthusiasm for ever responding to a Call for Abstracts. The whole process becomes a waste of time and effort for yourself as well as your supervisors. The most recent visa rejection I experienced, which was a few weeks after completing my PhD, finally […]

August 27th, 2019|Conferences, Libya|19 Comments|

The Spring of the Caudillos

by Youssef Cherif

The recent uprisings in Algeria and Sudan have been celebrated as an Arab Spring 2.0. It is a nice metaphor, but these events are not exactly that. The closest comparison would be Egypt in 2013, when the army establishment exploited a popular uprising to consolidate its power and confiscate politics. The Arab world has entered a new era […]

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