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    Could Lebanon’s new government bring stability to the country?

Could Lebanon’s new government bring stability to the country?

by Mariam El Atouabi

With the election of Michel Aoun as the new President of Lebanon, all the attention now shifts to the forming of the government cabinet, under the care of newly-appointed Prime Minister Saad Hariri. The distribution of the ministries portfolios has already sparked a vivid debate amongst parties, with Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Druze Progressive Socialist […]

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Lebanon: New President, Old Politics

by Filippo Dionigi
In an article originally published by Global Policy, Filippo Dionigi argues that despite the recent presidential election, nothing much has changed in Lebanon’s domestic politics or its international relations.

From being the centre of attention for regional and international actors, due to the catalysing effect of the Syrian civil war, in the past years Lebanon has shifted to […]

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Book Review: Farah Al-Nakib’s ‘Kuwait Transformed’

by Jenny McArthur
Farah Al-Nakib will be discussing her new book on Thursday 3 November at an LSE Middle East Centre event.

Kuwait Transformed traces the history of Kuwait’s urban development, in a well-researched account of the interplay between economic transformation, the built environment and everyday life in the Gulf nation of four million. While Kuwait Transformed is an urban history, Farah […]

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    Can climate change speed up economic diversification in the GCC?

Can climate change speed up economic diversification in the GCC?

by Aisha Al-Sarihi

Last year’s  Paris Agreement marked the first time all 190 UNFCCC members committed to keeping the average global temperature rise from pre-industrial times well below 2 degree Celcius. While a collective action is needed to turn this vision into reality, the responsibilities of each country will differ depending on their national circumstances. The economic reality of the […]

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The importance of Rojava–North Syria for the PKK

by Cengiz Gunes

This memo was presented at a workshop organised by the LSE Middle East Centre examining the experiment in Western Kurdistan. A report providing a distillation of the presentations and discussions is available to download here. 


The developments in the majority Kurdish regions of Syria (known as Rojava) since the outbreak of conflict in 2011 have shone a focus on the […]

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