The Industry, Research, and Energy Committee (ITRE) of The European Parliament have delayed the vote on the “connected continent” legislation. This controversial spectrum policy would have resulted in further coordination at the EU level.

Prior to being voted on by The EP in plenary session, legislation is reviewed and amended by The ITRE. The ITRE committee’s job is to scrutinize and amend legislation on industrial matters before they are voted upon by the European Parliament in plenary session.

The MEP’S in The ITRE committee were expected to endorse legislation regarding the use of plastic bags and also the TSM (telecoms single market) package. The vote was postponed at the last minute when an assemblage of Euro-questioning MEPS submitted a report calling for a delay.

The group argued that the legislation to limit use of plastic bags had not been translated into different languages. It was then submitted that the connected continent legislation had also been neglected to be translated.

A precedent in EU policymaking will be set if the amendments are postponed, as compromise amendments such as this are usually only written in English. Compromise amendments are usually only published in English so the postponement of the vote could set a precedent in EU policymaking.

The vote to postpone both pieces of legislation was successful, in a 29 against 24 vote count.

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