Today, at the Polis 2014 conference, the LSE Media Policy Project unveiled two new policy briefs. The Media Policy Project produces Policy Briefs that present new research relevant to current policy debates to make academic research accessible and understandable to a larger audience.

You can access the briefs below and on the LSE Media Policy Project Blog.

The New UK Model of Press Regulation
By Hugh Tomlinson QC

In an easy to understand fashion, this brief explains how the new system of press self-regulation following the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry is designed to function. It points out the specific “double lock” safeguards against political influence and argues that any attempts to replicate the model should focus on these protections.

Public Funding of Private Media
By Corinne Schweizer, Manuel Puppis, Matthias Künzler, and Samuel Studer

This brief looks at the use of various ways that private media are supported by public funds or privileges in some of the countries that rate the highest in terms of press freedom. It highlights the ways that public support can be constructed to minimize potential for political manipulation of the press.


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