The UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) announced its research and evidence priorities for 2014-2015 on Friday 11 April. The IPO regularly commissions external research or jointly funds research publications so these priorities outline some  ways for academics and other researchers to contribute to IP policy. Among others the IPO has identified the following areas:

  • Research into costs of infringement and use and proportionality of sanctions including:

• An International Comparison of online copyright infringement;
• Measuring Design Infringement;
• The economic impact of Social Media – Opportunities and Threats ; and
• An overall review of criminal sanctions available for copyright infringement.

  • A review / evaluation of existing Intellectual Property trading platforms, in support of IPO initiatives on IP enabled investment finance.
  • How can the licensing of copyright material be improved and made more effective?
  • Assess and support the development of the evidence base on issues relating to European Commission copyright proposals, to inform the UK’s position on the future development of copyright in Europe.
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