In her keynote speech yesterday at the Information Influx conference at the Institute for Information Law in Amsterdam, EC Vice-President and leader of the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes addressed copyright reform at the EU level and the necessary steps for policymakers leading into the next legislative period. The speech comes ahead of the anticipated White Paper on Copyright, set to be released this summer.

Kroes argued that policy-making needs to focus on four key initiatives: the promotion of creativity and innovation, improving reward for creators and bridging the gap between them and their audience, enabling a digital single market across the EU, and lastly creating a legal framework that allows for balanced innovation in the digital market to occur. Kroes emphasised the preparatory work that has been done in terms of consultations, dialogue, etc. The speech put forth an overarching sentiment that the harmonisation of the digital single market can be achieved through copyright policy reform.

For the full speech transcript:

Photo by Sebastian ter Burg  CC BY-SA 2.0

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