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Internet Governance Series: The Road from Bali to Rio… to Dystopia?

The UN’s Internet Governance Forum ended on 25 October. Following on from his initial report from the event, University of Sussex’s Chris Marsden‘s reflects on the Forum and sounds a note of cautious optimism for the prospects of Internet governance reform. The Internet Governance Forum is a diverting annual sideshow, a pit-stop on the flying circus towards Internet governance, with […]

Internet Governance Series:The IGF – the Least Worst Governance Option for Civil Society

According to habitués, you can’t really make any claims about the IGF until you have attended at least three of them. Since I’ve only been to two, I apparently can’t really comment. However I also met a few people who were regular attendants who were ambivalent about attending again. Some themes seem perpetual: the benefits of internet use are not […]

Internet Governance Series: Tech Community Launches Debate @the 8th IGF

The 2013 Internet Governance Forum continues in Bali and Jordan Carter of New Zealand’s InternetNZ reports on an emerging debate on how to handle the “orphan issues” of internet governance, highlighting the crucial questions. Something very interesting is happening in Internet Governance circles. I write this from Day 2 of the 2013 Internet Governance Forum, a UN-convened multi-stakeholder dialogue that brings […]

Internet Governance Series: First Report from Bali – the Limits of Multi-Stakeholderism?

The official sessions of the 2013 Internet Governance forum are just getting started in Bali, but LSE Media Policy Project’s own contributor, Alison Powell, has been attending the preparatory events. Here is Alison’s short report from the events so far. The preparatory workshops attempt to highlight important or controversial issues in advance of the formal start to the IGF. The Internet […]

Internet Governance Series: Bali Kicks Off, but What about the Elephant of Surveillance?

With the Internet Governance Forum kicking off in Bali, LSE Alumna Alexandra Kulikova took a close look at the programme and the participants. She explains why she is not optimistic about the IGF being an opportunity for a much needed international discussion of the privacy and surveillance issue.  The Internet Governance Forum starts today and goes until 25 October, and […]

Internet Governance Series: Internet Governance is Broken – How will it be Rebuilt?

According to Professor Chris Marsden, the recent developments in internet governance signal that a historical watershed has been reached which could see control of crucial internet resources and functions being taken by countries other than the US, as a consequence of the Snowden/NSA revelations. The ‘I’s have spoken – the United States is losing its authority over the Internet naming system. The […]

Internet Governance Series: Breaking the Internet

Viewed from the United States, attempts by Brazil and others to change the governance arrangements of the internet look like they could seriously undermine both a free and interconnected internet, as well as the USA’s historical role as a steward of global freedom of expression. Sascha Meinrath, a vice president of the non-partisan New America Foundation and director of the […]

Internet Governance Series: Internet Institutions Turn their Backs on the US

The end of US influence over the internet is coming. On Friday, Internet Governance expert Milton Mueller reported that “the Directors of all the major Internet organizations – ICANN, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet Architecture Board, the World Wide Web Consortium, the Internet Society, all five of the regional Internet address registries – turned their back on […]

Internet Governance Series: What’s Ahead in EU & UK Policy Processes

The biggest internet governance event coming up is the Internet Governance Forum, which takes place in Bali from 22-25 October.  This year’s theme is “Enhancing Multi-stakeholder Cooperation for Growth and Sustainable Development”, but considering the revelations about US and UK internet surveillance programmes and the other issues being dealt with by policy makers at national and supra-national levels some more […]

Internet Governance Series: Interview with Ian Brown on Whether Surveillance has Broken the Internet

Edward Snowden’s revelations over the summer exposed the online surveillance methods used by the US and the UK. In an interview with LSE’s Alison Powell, cyber-security expert Ian Brown of the Oxford Internet Institute talks about the implications for privacy, human rights and the future of the internet. Below is an excerpt from the complete interview. Alison Powell: What did we actually […]