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EVENT: How the Press Covered the Leveson Report Fallout and the Royal Charter

How the Press Covered the Leveson Report Fallout and the Royal Charter

Date: Wednesday 16 July, 2014
Time: 17:30-19:00
Venue: 32 Lincoln’s Inn Fields Room G.03
Speakers: Dr Gordon Ramsay, Prof George Brock, Dr Sally Broughton Micova
Chair: Prof Charlie Beckett

After the release of the Report from the Leveson Inquiry’s many months of hearings, evidence and deliberations, an extended period of wrangling over how […]

Royal Charter: Constitutional Ransacking of British Journalism

The Court has rejected the request for an injunction to stop it, so the Privy Council is now set to make a decision on the cross-party supported Royal Charter. Tim Crook of Goldsmiths, University of London explains why he believes that to approve this Charter would amount to a power grab by political elite. 

British journalism has been battered by […]

Cross-Party Royal Charter, Final Version Published

Following the rejection of the PressBof’s request for a Royal Charter the Privy Council is set to consider the one that resulted from the cross-party agreement in March. DCMS just published a revised version of that Royal Charter and the team at Inforrm examined the revisions. Below is an excerpt from their analysis of the changes and their implications.  The DCMS […]

The Newspaper Society: Regional and local publishers’ concerns about the cross-party Royal Charter

The House of Commons Culture, Media and Sports Committee is currently considering evidence from various stakeholders regarding the proposed tripartite Royal Charter for regulation of the press. The Newspaper Society’s recent submission, reproduced with their permission as a guest post here, details their concern that certain provisions in the cross-party Charter may not be flexible enough for local and […]

Media Reform Coalition Urges Rejection of PressBoF’s Royal Charter Application

The consultation on PressBoF’s application to the Privy Council for a Royal Charter for a recognition body for press self-regulation closed on Friday 24 May. The Media Reform Coalition, a group of individuals and organisations currently chaired by Des Freedman of Goldsmiths University of London, responded to the consultation arguing that the application does not fulfil the Leveson Inquiry’s recommendations and […]

The Press Royal Charter and the Concession that Never Was

The progress towards a workable system for press reform is in a state of uncertainty, and observers have been left confused about where things stand. Dr Gordon Ramsay of the Media Standards Trust sorts through the complexities of the recent ‘concessions’ made as part of the press’ own royal charter scheme, and argues that they may not be as meaningful as reports suggest.

The negotiations around the […]

Is PressBoF Winning the Royal Charter Race?

The Privy Council has initiated a consultation on a Royal Charter for the establishment of a recognition body for press self-regulation. This consultation, which ends on 24 May, is not however on the version agreed to by the political party leaders and accepted by Parliament on 18 of March. Instead it is the version proposed by a group of […]

Industry-Proposed Royal Charter Further from Leveson than Anything Before

On 25 April a large group of publishers proposed their version of a Royal Charter for a new press regulator. Claire Enders of Enders Analysis compares it to the version agreed by political leaders on 18 March and the draft released on 12 February and determines that this latest proposal is farthest from Leveson’s recommendations.   

When Lord Justice Leveson delivered his report in late […]

Forget How We Got Here? Newspaper Coverage of the Royal Charter Deal

When Leveson published his Report at the end of November our research showed that the press presented the story as one mainly about freedom of the press and the struggle by hacking victims for vindication and protection in the future. Slightly less prominent but also present was a narrative of the politico-media complex or ties between big media and […]

Frames Identified in Newspaper Coverage of the Press Royal Charter

Freedom of the Press – Newspapers framed the story in terms of threats to and defence of freedom of the press and those involved as falling of one side or another of a battle on this issue.

Political Motivations – Newspapers framed the story as being about political motivations of party leaders and members referring to the standoff, the deal […]