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Consultation on Media Plurality: Deadline Next Week

Following recommendations made by Leveson on media pluralism, the Government has launched a consultation that seeks views on a new measurement framework for media ownership and plurality, which closes on 22 October. In this post, LSE Alumnus Jacopo Genovese argues that the consultation does not go far enough in its scope, which leaves an undesired degree of regulatory uncertainty in the market. The […]

Ofcom’s Consultation Triplet on Broadband Markets

The DCMS Strategy Paper  declares that, “[f]ast, reliable, competitively-priced digital connectivity is crucial to economic growth”.  The section of the paper that discusses broadband reflects two main policies already set out by DCMS in February 2013: “making it easier for the communications and telecoms industries to grow, while protecting the interests of citizens”, and “stimulating private sector investment to achieve […]

EC and UK Communication Reviews – Where are We Going?

The current paradigm of electronic communication governance in the UK consists mainly in promoting competition to ensure that consumers can choose the services they prefer. In areas – such as public service media – where markets fail, or where an agreed public interest is thereby served, public provision or specific regulations protect key interests. Following the announcement of policy reviews both at […]

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    EC Consultation on “Rapidly Converging Audiovisual World” – Extended to 30 September

EC Consultation on “Rapidly Converging Audiovisual World” – Extended to 30 September

The European Commission is seeking comments from stakeholders, viewers, and internet users about the changing media landscape. The growth of the internet has made broadcasting, telecommunications, streaming video, journalism, and other media platforms more accessible, but distinctions between them are becoming blurred. This media ‘convergence’ has complicates the application of separate governance and self-regulatory policies. The Commission released a Green […]

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    Public Service Broadcasting in digital Britain: a step backwards?

Public Service Broadcasting in digital Britain: a step backwards?

Is the Government’s strategy on public service broadcasting moving in the wrong direction? Tony Ballard, broadcasting and telecommunications lawyer with Harbottle & Lewis and regular contributor to the Digital Media Law Blog, questions whether the Government’s plan for public service broadcasting contained in its latest Strategy Document departs from its previous policy on tackling the new media environment.     Government […]

Consultation on Nuisance Calls: Parliament’s Culture, Media & Sport Committee is accepting submissions through 15 August

REMINDER: The deadline for submitting to the Culture, Media & Sport Committee’s consultation on nuisance calls is Thursday, 15 August.

Combating nuisance calls has been a challenging task for regulators and communications providers for years. According to research conducted by Ofcom, unwanted marketing calls and text messages, together with abandoned and silent calls, have been a significant source of anxiety and […]

Des Freedman: When “Measuring” is a Substitute for Action – the Consultation on Media Ownership

On 30 July DCMS published both a strategy paper as part of the Communications Review and a consultation on media ownership and plurality. Des Freedman of Goldsmiths, University of London who is also Chair of the Media Reform Coalition argues that the consultation’s focus on measurement means not tackling remedies to media pluralism problems.  Right in the middle of the […]

It’s Here! A Comms Review Paper, Plus a Media Pluralism Consultation

Those of you who are not on holiday at the moment might have noticed that there has suddenly been some movement in the Communications Review process that started over two years ago. On 30 July DCMS released a “strategy paper” called Connectivity, Content and Consumers: Britain’s digital platform for growth as a response to this long period of consultation. […]

House of Lords Debate on Media Plurality: Calling for Government Action

Efforts are being made to address the issue of media plurality at both the UK and European level. Concerns about excessive concentration of media ownership rose to the surface in the aftermath of the hacking scandal, and Leveson’s recommendations for reforming plurality rules propelled the issue up the political agenda.

A recent House of Lords debate on media plurality in […]

Media Plurality: Game On?

The timing of Harriet Harman’s  intervention on media ownership yesterday was interesting. It came just after the House of Lords closed their call for evidence on media plurality (the deadline was last week) and one day before the Queens Speech which will set out the legislative programme for the next Parliamentary term.

This does raise questions in relation to the recommendations that Leveson […]