Copyright Liabilities Loom for Cloud Providers in Wake of Aereo Judgement

Dr. Monica Horten, a writer, policy analyst and visiting fellow at the LSE, looks at copyright liability for cloud computing services hovering on the EU horizon and asks what we can learn from the case of ABC Inc v Aereo in the United States Supreme Court.  A judgement handed down in the US Supreme Court recently has underpinned the claim […]

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    Book Review: Collaborative Media: Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions by Jonas Löwgren and Bo Reimer

Book Review: Collaborative Media: Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions by Jonas Löwgren and Bo Reimer

With many new forms of digital media – including social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr – the people formerly known as the audience no longer only consume but also produce and even design media. Jonas Löwgren and Bo Reimer term this phenomenon collaborative media, and in this book they investigate the qualities and characteristics of these forms of […]

Participating in UK & EU Policymaking Made Easier

The Media Policy Project unveils today the Media Policy Planner, a new website and tool offering a free and accessible way for anyone to understand and participate in the decisions politicians make about the media.
The Planner gives you an easy-to-access database of experts by subject area, event calendars, resources on important media topics, and lists of ongoing media policy […]

Hyperlinks, Interrupted

Innocenzo Genna, an Italian lawyer with expertise in European regulation and ICT policy, examines a case recently decided in the European Union over whether copyright owners should have to authorise hyperlinks to their works. He argues that more litigation will follow this decision, but the decision could have a major impact on many common Internet services, like news aggregating sites.  The […]

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Intellectual Property Rights Protection on the Internet in France: The end of Hadopi?

Laura Bérard, a French MSc student in the Political Economy of Europe programme at the LSE European Institute, looks at recent changes to intellectual property rights enforcement in France and questions the future of the group currently responsible for protecting those rights, Hadopi.  France is trying to take a new approach to intellectual property rights protection on the Internet and 2014 […]

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Book Review: Understanding Media Economics

With the rapidly evolving digital media landscape, this new revised edition of Understanding Media Economics focuses on the issues that are now central to how economic forces impact on the media industries. Exploring themes such as innovation, digital multi-platform developments, and strategies of risk-spreading, Sally Broughton Micova finds this book addresses and explains the pressing issues in contemporary media industries and markets […]

Copyright and Creation Authors Respond to Critics

The policy brief Copyright and Creation published recently by the LSE Media Policy Brief received coverage from diverse sources. In light of this coverage, the authors Bart Cammaerts, Bingchun Meng and Robin Mansell clarify five points. 
We released our Copyright & Creation Report on 30 September 2013 and it has been reported widely. We respond here to some of the […]

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Hadopi Turns Three – Bon Anniversaire?

The authority overseeing France’s Creation and Internet law, Hadopi, recently released its third report on the implementation of the enforcement measures against copyright infringers contained in the law. Iptegrity’s Monica Horten, also an LSE visiting fellow, looks at the numbers in Hadopi’s report and questions whether such measures are really worth the cost. Hadopi, the public authority charged with administering […]

Nothing’s Impossible: Why Would Google do More Against Piracy?

When the House of Common Culture Media and Sport Committee published its report on the Creative Economy headlines focused on the report’s call for more action from Google against piracy. Bill Rosenblatt, president of Giant Steps Media Technology Strategies and editor of, examines what tech companies can do and what inspires them to do it. Among the most interesting […]

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Internet Governance Series: Stop Porn, Stop Piracy – the Limits of Intermediary Liability

In calls to protect consumers, children, rights-holders a lot is being asked of the various online intermediaries that we use every day. Carlos Cortés of the Center for Freedom of Expression at Palermo University in Argentina warns that sounder clearer policy is needed on the liability of these online intermediaries. In any given day in front of our computer we […]