Net Neutrality

Zero-rating: enabling or restricting Internet access?

Noelle De Guzman, a Regional Programmes Coordinator for Asia-Pacific at the Internet Society and LSE alumna looks at the pros and cons of zero-rating, but argues that even if it has benefits it is not an appropriate policy for improving connectivity in the long term. 

Broadband access policies have in recent years occupied a prime spot in digital divide discussions. […]

Media Policy Memes 1: The Net Neutrality Rant that Crashed the FCC

For the next few summer weeks we will be lightening up Friday afternoons by showcasing media policy memes.

Many people nowadays probably equate the notion of memes with the image of the quizzical little boy circulated on Facebook. But memes can refer to anything from gestures and ritual to video and written text. They spread across populations and are often […]

The Future of the Internet is at a Crossroads

The fifth annual European Summit on the Future Internet is coming up on 12& 13 June bringing together policymakers, industry representatives and scholars. Joao Schwarz da Silva of this year’s host, the University of Luxembourg, gives a sneak preview of the discussion pointing out what is at stake and calling for international legal safeguards in internet governance. Discussion on the […]

Making Online Transactions Reliable and Interoperable for Europe

Jessica Schroers and Brendan van Alsenoy of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT  at KU Leuven explain the importance of pending EU legislation to increase reliance and interoperability of electronic identification schemes among European countries. It almost went unnoticed. On April 3rd, 2014, most news outlets were poring over the EU Parliament’s approval of net neutrality and the ending of roaming charges. […]

NETmundial Closes With Thorny Issues Left Unaddressed

There were high expectations of the NETmundial global multistakeholder meeting on internet governance that just wrapped up on 24 April in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sarah Myers, a Doctoral Student at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California was at the event, and writing for Global Voices Online argues that it was far from meeting those expectations. […]

The FCC Hasn’t Really Shifted on Open Internet; Net Neutrality Was Never the Law

Following the FCC’s decision to liberalize net neutrality rules in the US, Ellen Goodman from the Rutgers University School of Law explains that the impact of the decision hinges on the definition of “commercially reasonable” and argues that the US is on the opposite path from Europe in terms of internet regulation. In the last month, Europe and the U.S. […]

Will Commissioner Kroes be Able to Skype Her Grandchildren’s Mobiles in Retirement?

In another response to the Connected Continent vote in the European Parliament, Chris Marsden, Professor of Media Law at the University of Sussex, explains why he thinks it took so long to get a strong EU move on net neutrality and what he sees happening next. On the morning of 3rd April 2014, the European Parliament did what it said it would do […]

Why not “Go Dutch” and Protect Net Neutrality without Defining Specialised Services?

Net neutrality was the most contentious issue in the debates leading up to the passage of the new Connected Continent regulation on 3 April in the European Parliament. FWO PhD Fellow Inge Graef of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (ICRI) of the KU Leuven – University of Leuven argues that since the notion of  “specialised services” remains in the regulation net neutrality […]

EU Net Neutrality Battle Comes to a Head

As the European Parliament votes today on the first reading of of the draft ‘Connected Continent’ regulation for a single market for telecoms. LSE Visiting Fellow Monica Horten explains the battle lines drawn on the most contentious issue – net neutrality – and argues it might be best to go back to the drawing board. The duel between the telecoms […]

A Curious Case: The Brazillian Internet Bill of Rights

João Carlos Magalhães, LSE MSc Media and Communications Governance student, discusses political battles over Brazil’s national ‘Internet Bill of Rights’ against the backdrop of the upcoming Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance that will be held in São Paulo in April. As the international community concerned with Internet governance waits for the global multistakeholder meeting that will take place […]