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Freedom of the Press – Newspapers framed the story in terms of threats to and defence of freedom of the press and those involved as falling of one side or another of a battle on this issue.

Political Motivations – Newspapers framed the story as being about political motivations of party leaders and members referring to the standoff, the deal in which all parties could claim victory, and the potentially divisive vote in Parliament.

Hacked Off Pressure – Newspapers framed the story in relation to the victims group pressuring political parties to strongly regulate the press. They refer to lobbying by famous hacking victims, mainly Hugh Grant, portray the group as powerful and point out the presence of Hacked Off representatives in the negotiations.

Technical Implementation – Newspapers framed the story in terms of the technicalities of implementation, such as the practical implications of using a Royal Charter and/or problematic issues like whether it would apply to bloggers and new media.

Redress for Victims – Newspaper framed the story in terms of the struggle of the victims of phone hacking for vindication and for more protection in the future and portrayed those involved as supporting or disappointing the victims.