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Phonehacking and Press Reforms: Beware Dangerous Blogs

Charlie Beckett’s 17th July blog post linked the current debate about press reform to the old Whitehall fable about Dangerous Dogs. The essence of the fable –which has long been recounted by those attempting to spike regulatory reforms- is that the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act was a perfect illustration of how media feeding frenzies lead to flawed, knee-jerk policy responses.

Unfortunately, […]

This phone-hacking inquiry must not lose sight of its goal

Broadening the parameters of the Leveson inquiry should not detract from a proper investigation into newspaper practices.

By Damian Tambini

The terms of reference of the Leveson inquiry set out the widest review of the media since the Annan Report in the 1970s. But are they too broad? Will they – by broadening the debate beyond News International to include press, […]