The purpose of this blog is to provoke discussion about the future of the European economy and social model, and we hope we are starting to do that. Before we wind down a bit for the Summer, we thought we would alert our readers to a great opportunity to discuss these issues in person at a major conference being held in Brussels in late September.

The European Trade Union Confederation and its applied research arm, the European Trade Union Institute (who are occasional contributors to this blog) are hosting a three-day conference entitled ‘Europe at a crossroads. Which way to quality jobs and prosperity?’

Below are some details of the conference provided by the ETUI, including details of (free) registration.

The conference will be held on 24-26 September 2014 at Hotel Thon Europe. This important large-scale gathering will bring together representatives of trade unions, research bodies, academia, civil society and EU institutions to debate action and research on the growing problem represented by unemployment and precarious job creation in Europe. Alongside the central issue of how to get Europe back to work, the conference will examine a range of employment-related topics including green jobs, precarious work, wages and growth, health and safety, training, and an ageing workforce.

This major conference aims to enhance awareness of the European social dimension among newly elected members of the European Union governing bodies, while exerting a constructive influence on current debate about the way forward for Europe.

A diversified agenda, consisting of 5 plenaries and 16 panels referring to different facets of the growing problem of unemployment and precarious jobs in Europe, will enable you to listen to high-level international speakers from academia, politics and the trade unions from all parts of Europe and to engage in debate with them and other relevant actors.

The full programme is available on the ETUI website. Additional information will be added in the run-up to the conference so please check out this page regularly.

Registration is free of charge. To register please click here.