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Welcome to the New European Trade Unions Forum (NETUF) blog, run by the LSE’s European Institute with HEIF5 funding.  NETUF is edited by Steve Coulter and Bob Hancké of the LSE’s European Institute. Our blog will cover a broad range of European economic and social affairs, but with a particular focus on labour markets. It will be aimed at all researchers, activists and policy makers interested in employment-related issues – not just those involved in trade unions.

The aim of the blog is twofold: first, to disseminate research and commentary on key topics from the LSE and other research centers in a simple (but not simplistic) style; and second, more generally, to provide an open forum for discussion about the future of the Europe’s economy and society for all those interested in and concerned about the impact of the current crisis on living standards and working conditions.

We welcome shortish (c.500 words) contributions for all those interested in European economic and labour market issues, and can be contacted via the details below:

Steve Coulter: s.coulter1(at)

Bob Hancké: r.hancke(at)