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ETUI report underlines the costs of austerity

By Steve Coulter, LSE Just out from the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) is ‘Benchmarking Working Europe 2014’, the ETUI’s annual stock-take of macro-economic, social and bargaining conditions in Europe. Reflecting the impact of five years of austerity, it makes for fairly gloomy reading. Statistical indicators in the report show not only that the crisis is not ending, it’s actually […]

25 Years Ago: The End of History?

By Bob Hancké, LSE I just read this very interesting critique in the Guardian Review of Francis Fukyama’s essay ‘The End of History?’, which came out 25 years ago this summer. Ignore the somewhat silly title, clearly designed for maximum impact; there was actually something intriguing about the essay, and Eliane Glaser, the author of the Guardian essay, does a […]

Insider lobbying: ‘New Labour and the TUC’.

By Steve Coulter, LSE Current polling indicates that Ed Miliband is heading for Downing Street, perhaps with a Liberal Democrat in tow as Deputy Prime Minister. Labour’s historic allies in the trade unions are naturally licking their lips at this prospect. Whatever the outcome of Miliband’s fumbling attempts to further dilute their influence over his party the unions know they […]

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