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No, the internet is not actually stealing kids’ innocence

Is media use harmful to kids?  Sonia Livingstone reflects on ‘media panic’ that attributes issues such sexual assault to children using the internet, outlining problems with existing evidence and suggestions for future approaches. Sonia is Professor of Social Psychology at LSE’s Department of Media and Communications and has more than 25 years of experience in media research with a particular focus on children and […]

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    Some thoughts on the Atlantic’s ‘Have smartphones destroyed a generation?’

Some thoughts on the Atlantic’s ‘Have smartphones destroyed a generation?’

In this post, Vicky Rideout responds to the latest issue of The Atlantic which features an article linking teenage suicide to smartphone use. Vicky argues that to interpret the relationship between those two trends as causal is to misuse existing data. Presenting data that she gathered in a Common Sense Media nationally-representative survey, Vicky shows the nuance and complexity of the […]

Young people online: Encounters with inappropriate content

Last week there were a number of news reports about the harmful effects of social media on the mental health of teens and young people. Responding to this, we are publishing two posts this week that address the topic. First, this post by Rose Bray details the findings of the NSPCC and O2’s Net Aware research.

Investigating the nature of, […]

Sharenting – in whose interests?

In this post, Stacey Steinberg explores her own personal conflicts around ‘sharenting’.  Social media enable parents to share their parenting experiences, with their children’s rights to privacy often overlooked. Here, she discusses the tensions and problems it creates, as well as some proposed policy suggestions and a recommendation for a public health model. Stacey is a legal skills professor at the University […]

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    Call for regulation on securing children’s data in personalised reading

Call for regulation on securing children’s data in personalised reading

While children’s reading experience is being transformed with digital reading formats, personalised and interactive books allowing for more personalisation, there are risks around the data this releases. Natalia Kucirkova and Rosie Flewitt identify four main areas of concern and call for regulation. Natalia is Senior Research Associate, and Rosie is Reader in Early Communication and Learning, both at University College London, […]

Online child protection in rural Kenya

Caleb Ndaka is a project lead in Kenya, working for Kids Comp Camp. As Kenya focuses on initiatives to bring billions more online, Caleb  asks: how can we prepare for child protection online and also make use of the learning opportunities it will bring? Kids Comp-Camp is an organisation which seeks to reach out to children aged 8–15 in marginalised communities, to equip them […]

No more social networking for young teens?

From May 2018, The General Data Protection Regulation, will take effect in the EU. After years of debate, the legislation was passed including provisions that will affect children’s personal data. Sonia Livingstone discusses the impact of the GDPR on children and young teens, especially related to social networking. Since the legislation was passed, many opinions have been expressed and many […]

Playing an active role in a child’s online social world

Emma Bond discusses the important role that parents play in keeping children safe online, as well as some strategies that might be employed, including: privacy controls, age restrictions and open conversations at home. As an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts, Business and Applied Social Science at UOS, Emma is the Director of iSEED (The Institute for Social, […]

Digital skills matter in the quest for the ‘holy grail’

As part of the European Commission Study on the impact of marketing through social media, online games and mobile applications on children’s behaviour, Sonia Livingstone and her colleagues published an analysis of a survey of 6,400 European parents to see whether they are finding the ‘holy grail’ of managing their children’s internet use. Today is Safer Internet Day, and Sonia takes a closer look […]

The controversial Named Persons provision in Scotland

Wendy M. Grossman discusses the problems surrounding the Named Persons provision in Scotland and the state’s role in children’s lives. She argues that the controversy surrounding this policy is exceptionally hard for parents to navigate. Wendy writes about the border wars between cyberspace and real life. She is the 2013 winner of the Enigma Award and she has released a number of books, articles, and music. [Header image […]

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