Forgive the indulgence but it’s a Bank Holiday weekend and my football team West Ham are on the verge of a miracle. A few weeks ago I was utterly convinced we were heading for the drop. Thanks to the world class brilliance of St Carlos Tevez we won 3-1 this afternoon. The English clouds gave way to bright spring sunshine as Tevez scored two sublime goals before setting one up for our home-grown hero, Mark Noble. Suddenly we are out of the bottom three with one game to go. It’s a season that has veered across the genres: from farce, to tragedy, to soap opera, to comedy and then court-room drama. Now it is going in to its last act. Myself and the two sons will be up at the Theatre of Dreams next Sunday to see if West Ham’s re-enactment of the Great Escape will have a happy ending. Despite all the dodgy dealings at Upton Park this season I still think that we deserve to survive, if only as recompense for the last-minute theft by Liverpool last May of our FA Cup final….