I am appalled at the fact that the new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith smoked cannabis while at Oxford University. I thought that this eminently intelligent, sensible and capable politician had gone to a proper people’s University, not the place that churns out traitors and the elite that regularly screws up this country. The recent revelations about Oxford University’s authorities using Facebook to catch out students celebrating the end of their exams show that the place is full of drunkards and bullies. Not so different from the Public Schools they cames from and the boardrooms they are headed to. (only kidding – I’ve obviously been spending too much time reading the excellent Dave’s Part blog).  As for the Home Secretary’s mock guilt on breakfast TV and radio at her modest experimentation with the weed, so what? I can’t believe this is still an ‘issue’. Dozens of Tory MPs have already admitted to the same youthful misdemeanours and it just makes MPs look even more out of touch to treat it as a venal sin. And as for the journalists trying to work up mock indignation, I mean, has anyone been to a media party? ‘Tis the silly season, to be sure.