The view from Perugia

You can now watch the full video of three fascinating debates that I hosted at the International Festival of Journalism at Perugia this Easter.

We talked about the Death of the Foreign Correspondent, in which I argued the Devil’s Advocate position that we DON’T need the classic parachuting foreign correspondent from three minutes in. I was debating with Mimosa Martini (Tg5), Mort Rosenblum (ex The International Herald Tribune), Richard Sambrook ( Edelman).

Adrian Monck director of communications World Economic Forum, Marco Pratellesi head of online Condé Nast Italy, Stephan Shakespeare co-founder YouGov and Paul Staines founder Guido Fawkes blog then joined me to discuss Democracy after Journalism which was a lively argument about whether mainstream journalism has a role in creating an informed society. It threw up some really fresh perspectives and quite deep thinking.

I also chaired an excellent keynote speech by the BBC’s Director of Global News Peter Horrocks who made the case for the BBC’s role in international news with its special claim to provide universal and objective reporting – but also outlining how the BBC must become more multi-skilled, multi-lingual and multi-national in its editorial make-up.