The StockWell Communications/Polis Research Prize is an annual student research prize awarded to a current LSE post-graduate student.  The prize, worth £1000, is awarded for the best research proposal of 500-1000 words. The successful candidate also has the opportunity to take up a paid internship with StockWell Communications, a strategic communications and reputation management firm, to develop their proposal into a final research paper.  The research paper will be jointly published by Polis and StockWell Communications.

This year’s Prize will be launched with a presentation by Mr Anthony Silverman, Partner at StockWell Communications. If you are interested in applying please attend next week’s talk as the application process and requirements will be explained.

Date: Wednesday 19 November

Time: 1300-1400

Room: G06, 32 Lincoln’s Inn Fields


The StockWell LSE Polis Research prize 2014

This will be the second year that StockWell is hosting a student research prize with LSE Polis. The prize, worth £1,000 will be awarded for the best research proposal on the topic of ‘Corporate Reputation, Media and Society’. It is open to all post-graduate students studying at LSE in the 2014/15 academic year.

2013 winner

Nina Chung (LSE, MSc Media & Communications ’14) won the inaugural StockWell LSE Polis Research Prize in 2013.  Her topic was A Way with Words: Chasing a Definition for Corporate Public Apologies.

In her own words this is what Nina had to say:

“The internship at StockWell was a wonderful experience. From my very first day, I was encouraged to contact anyone on the team to introduce myself and chat about their thoughts on my research. What a pleasure to find everyone happy to share their expertise, often over a friendly tea and biscuits! Even the weekly meetings and monthly lunch trainings offered gems of wisdom on international PR and journalism that informed my other studies. There’s so much to learn from the people at StockWell. I felt fortunate to intern with them and really hope future LSE students take the chance to work there, as well.”


The prize is open to any post-graduate student currently enrolled at the LSE.


The student must submit a 500-1000 word proposal on the topic. The proposal should include:

― an outline of topic area;

― its relevance to the subject area; and

― a view as to the value of the research topic to the corporate world.

Format for submissions

All submissions should be made in .doc, .docx or .pdf formats.

The prize

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to take up a paid internship with StockWell to develop their proposal into a final research paper. This will be jointly published by Polis and StockWell.


1.00 pm, 19 November 2014 Q&A discussion with Anthony Silverman
5.00 pm, 12 December 2014 Deadline for submissions
12.00pm, 6 February 2015 Winner to be announced
July – October 2015 Prize winner to undertake paid internship with StockWell for a maximum of three months during which the research proposal will be developed into a final research paper ready for publication. During the internship the student will be required to undertake other tasks to support StockWell’s business in addition to completing the research proposal.


Submissions & queries should be made by email to