Catch-up on any sessions you missed from Polis Conference 2015 with the podcasts below.


2015: A Post-TV Election?

Keynote: Adam Boulton
Chair: Charlie Beckett


Engaging Journalism: Reaching Youth

Speakers: Eleanor Mills (chair), Kevin Sutcliffe, Anna Doble, Abi Wilkinson


The Media Battleground: talking tactics to spin a victory

Speakers: Jo Colburn (chair), Miranda Green, Mary Riddell, Tim Montgomerie, Adam Ramsay, Mathew Goodwin


New tools and platforms: Twitter & The Guardian

Speakers: Ramaa Sharma (chair), Joanna Geary, Alberto Nardelli


Digital activism and information projects

Speakers: Bart Cammaerts (chair), Michael Sani, Laura Townshend, Will Moy


Predicting The Results

Speakers: Tony Travers (chair), Deborah Mattinson, Peter Kellner, Nick Anstead


Engaging Young People in Politics

Speakers: Emily Revess (chair), Danny Bartlett, Matteo Bergamini, Alan Strange, Georgia Gould


New forms of political journalism

Speakers: Adrienne Russell (chair), Emily Ashton, Charlotte Henry, Joseph Stashko


New research on journalism and democracy

Speakers: Nick Anstead (chair), Ruth Garland, olivier Driessens, Svenja Ottovordemgentschenfelde


Political Advertising: the poster campaign

Speakers: Sue Macmillan (chair), Sam Delaney, Benedict Pringle