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Julia Ziemer

January 19th, 2016

Who to follow on Twitter in 2016


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Julia Ziemer

January 19th, 2016

Who to follow on Twitter in 2016


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Lauren SukLauren Suk is a MSc Media and Communications Student at LSE and Social Media Intern for Polis. (@sukkirie)

With 2016 just getting underway, Polis Social Media intern Lauren Suk gives us her top tips of who to follow on Twitter to stay one step ahead of what is sure to be a tumultuous year in the world of journalism…

New Roles in the Newsroom
Mobile editor is a role that did not exist until few years ago but major media have such new roles in their newsroom, likewise many journalists or media experts you have been following for a year or even few months ago may have shifted their role since media environment is changing ever faster and newsrooms are adapting to this changes. Here’s list of relatively new roles in the newsroom and media experts you can add into your list in 2016.


Changes ahead headline c.Thinkstock
(c) Thinkstock

John Thornhill, Finantial Times Innovation Editor @johnthornhillft
Former deputy editor at the FT, will be in charge of bringing new technology into the newsroom to change how the outlet commissions and publishes opinion pieces

Cory Haik, Mic Chief Strategy Officer @coryhaik
Former Washington Post Chief Digital Officer moves to Mic to help product to revenue growth

Mobile Editors

David Ho @DavidHo
WSJ Executive Mobile Editor

Subhajit Banerjee @subhajitb
Mobile Editor at The Guardian

Nathalie Malinarich @nmalinarich
Mobile Editor at BBC News Online

Emily Banks @emjbanks
Bloomberg News Deputy Mobile Editor

Aron Philhofer @philhofer
Executive Editor of Digital at The Guardian and Founder of @documentcloud & @HacksHackers

Data Journalists

Tynan DeBold @tynandebold
Multimedia editor at Wall Street Journal and winner of 2015 Data Visualisation of the Year

John Burn-Murdoch @jburnmurdoch
Data journalist at Financial Times

Simon Rogers @smfrogers
Data journalist, and Data Editor at Google, and former editor of Guardian Datablog

Drone Journalists

Matthew Schroyer @MattSchroyer Founder of

Matt Waite@mattwaite Founder of Drone Journalism Lab

Media Merges
Another change in the media landscape is a merge of media companies into existing media empires or even non media businesses for aiming to influence media and here are few media moguls who own media empire which include recent merges and possible merges.

(c) Reuteurs
(c) Reuteurs

Silvio Berlusconi @SBerlusconi2014
According to Forbes Berlusconi is businessman with vast influence over the media in southern Europe. His family holdings (worth €6.4 billion) include Mediaset, the commercial broadcaster, which operates popular TV channels in Italy and Spain, and Mondadori, Italy’s biggest publisher.

Patrick Drahi @Pdrahi
French-Israeli billionaire’s telecoms company Altice, based in the Netherlands, has spent more than €40 billion buying mobile, internet and TV providers including SFR in France and Cablevision in the U.S.

Alibaba Group @AlibabaGroup
Jack Ma’s Chinese internet giant, Alibaba Group agreed a deal to buy the Hong Kong’s most influential English daily newspaper South China Morning Post in December 2015 at a consideration of $266 million.

News Corp. Rupert Murdoch @rupertmurdoch
Co-chairman of News Corp., American multinational media corporation and world’s fourth largest media group in 2014 by revenue. He remains hugely influential in the U.K. According to Politico, Media insiders are also wondering whether Murdoch’s entertainment company, 21st Century Fox, will resurrect a bid for full control of the satellite TV group Sky.

Bloomberg News Michael Bloomberg @MikeBloomberg
Former three-term mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg co-founded Bloomberg News in 1990, which businesses include Bloomberg terminal, television, radio, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Markets, online and mobile platforms and its billionaire’s recent take over include Washington radio station WNEW-FM, which changes its format from general news to business news and talk.

Anything we’ve missed? Leave your suggestions for more Twitter accounts in the comment section below.

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Julia Ziemer is Institute Manager at the Marshall Institute. She has previously worked at Polis, LSE's journalism think-tank, the charity English PEN and the Literature Department of the British Council.

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