Reporting Refugees 
Rossalyn Warren (Buzzfeed), Clarissa Ward (CNN), Kareem Shaheen (Guardian), Milene Larsson (Vice), Anna Masera (La Stampa) and Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Reporting Terror
Sunny Hundal, Rohit Kachroo (ITV), Secunder Kermani (BBC), Lucy Williamson (BBC), Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (Independent) and Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Competing for Compassion? Journalists and NGOs communicating crisis.
Glenda Cooper (Chair), Greg Barrow (WFP), Polly Markandya (MSF) and Monika Kalcsics (ORF Radio)

Between Pity and Violence: Migrants in the European Press
An LSE research presentation with Dr Myria Georgiou, Dr Rafal Zaborowski, Leah Selig Chauhan, Lisa Elkhoury, Antonis Dimitriadis, Afroditi Koulaxi, Sadichchha Pokharel, Pauline Vidal

Getting to the Truth: Verification in Crisis reporting
Sue Llewellyn, Alastair Reid (First Draft), Eliza Mackintosh (Storyful) and Hazel Baker (Sky News)

Innovative Storytelling: Data Visualisation and interactive platforms
Svenja Ottovordemgentschenfelde (LSE), John Burn-Murdoch (FT), Giulio Frigieri and Andrea Menapace (Open Migration) and Letizia Gambini (Sourcefabric)

Philanthropy and Crisis: A Marshall Institute Panel
Stephan Chambers (The Marshall Institute), Gillian Caldwell (Global Witness), Andrew Wilson (Sky), Seema Yasmin (University of Texas)

Power of the Image
Prtap Rughani (LCC) , Tony Hicks (Associated Press) and Francesca Sears (Magnum Photos)

Telling the Human Story: Post film Q+A
Joelle Eid (LSE), Kareem Shaheen (Guardian) and Charlie Beckett (LSE)