This June, Polis hosted speakers from across the media to talk about their insights in to topics including new trends, positive news, investigative reporting and reporting humanitarian crises.

Summer School 2016 speakers

Clockwise from top left: Helena Horton, Kieran Yates, Catherine Mayer, Luke Harding

Jodie Jackson from the Constructive Journalism Project on her insights into the psychological benefits of consuming more ‘constructive’ news.

Kieran Yates– Freelance Journalist and Editor on her route into journalism through unconventional means

Leslie Knott, a Producer from Tigernest Films on her film projects in Lebanon and Afghanistan

Luke Harding from The Guardian on his work on Wikileaks, Snowden files and the Panama Papers

Alana Coates– Engagement Editor, The Financial Times on how the FT is taking a new approach to engaging with audiences across platforms

Catherine Mayer– author and journalist on her career and latest project- being co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party

Helena Horton– Telegraph Trending Journalist on designing polls and quizzes to engage readers