In partnership with Journalistfonden, Polis has published a report by Swedish journalist Carina Tenor on the state of the UK Hyperlocal News sector, including some comparisons with models in Sweden.  Carina was part of  our newsroom fellowship programme.

Download the full report here

As commercial mainstream local news has faced increasing financial pressures over the last decade, some people hoped that new digital technologies would facilitate the growth of independent ‘hyperlocal’ online news to fill the gaps. This sector of small community news providers uses digital tools and platforms to report from places and in forms that commercial media outlets do not. After a first phase of enthusiasm they struggled to spread widely but now there are signs that they have become part of an emerging local media system that cannot be ignored. Increased collaboration; starting a representative body; lobbying for shares of statutory notices; partnerships with the BBC; a lot has happened in recent years in UK hyperlocal.



The report looks at the sector through the following themes:

Democratic Value
To what extent do local news providers contribute to media plurality and further democratic values in society?

Accountability Journalism
Can independent local news fill the gaps in public-interest journalism?

Commercial Viability
As small players in a difficult field, how do hyperlocals sustain their business model?

Resourcing/ Sustainability
What role can other organisations play in sustaining the sector?

Networks/ Collaboration
Looks at the growth of  networks of shared practice and support 

Download the full report here