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Mattia Peretti

April 2nd, 2022

The International Journalism Festival is back. Here are the sessions about journalism and technology you shouldn’t miss

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Mattia Peretti

April 2nd, 2022

The International Journalism Festival is back. Here are the sessions about journalism and technology you shouldn’t miss

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It’s been a long wait. Two years that felt like forever. But the wait is finally over and three quarters of our JournalismAI team will be in Perugia next week to talk about how media organisations can use artificial intelligence responsibly to enhance their journalism.

If you are interested in conversations on journalism and technology, product, and innovation, this is a selection of Festival sessions you may not want to miss.


Thursday 7 April

09:00 – Hotel Brufani, Sala Raffaello
Opening AI’s black box
▪︎ Julia Angwin, The Markup
▪︎ Tom Cardoso, The Globe and Mail
▪︎ Dhruv Mehrotra, Reveal
▪︎ Aaron Sankin, The Markup

10:30 – Hotel Brufani, Sala Priori
A crash course for journalists on AI and machine learning
▪︎ Mattia Peretti, JournalismAI
▪︎ Aimee Rinehart, Associated Press

17:00 – Palazzo Sorbello
Lessons from the Sigma Awards: the best of data journalism around the world
▪︎ Marianne Bouchart, HEI-DA
▪︎ Gina Chua, Semafor
▪︎ Aron Pilhofer, Temple University

17:00 – Sala Brugnoli, Palazzo Cesaroni
When content is product: editor-in-chief, product manager = product editor?
▪︎ Louise Story, Journalist and Filmmaker
▪︎ Millie Tran, Condé Nast
▪︎ Anita Zielina, Craig Newmark J-School, CUNY

18:30 – Hotel Brufani, Sala Priori
Google News Initiative: new tools and techniques for journalists
▪︎ Caroline Scott, Google News Lab


Friday 8 April

10:30 – Hotel Brufani, Sala Raffaello
AI reporting: a speciality beat or everyone’s concern?
▪︎ Varsha Bansal, Freelance Technology Journalist
▪︎ Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson, Johns Hopkins University
▪︎ Sheila Coronel, Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism
▪︎ Hilke Schellmann, New York University

14:00 – Sala della Vaccara, Palazzo dei Priori
Holding AI accountable: the reporters’ take
▪︎ Melissa Heikkila, POLITICO Europe
▪︎ Uli Köppen, Bayerischer Rundfunk
▪︎ Surya Mattu, The Markup
▪︎ Marina Walker Guevara, Pulitzer Center

15:30 – Sala del Dottorato
Dusting for prints: the rise of digital forensic reporting labs
▪︎ Julia Angwin, The Markup
▪︎ Brian Root, Human Rights Watch
▪︎ Marta Tellado, Consumer Reports
▪︎ Logan Williams, Bellingcat

17:00 – Sala delle Colonne, Palazzo Graziani
Growth: what are the big levers, and what muscles do organisations need to pull them?
▪︎ Renée Kaplan, Financial Times
▪︎ Yasir Khan, Thomson Reuters Foundation
▪︎ Lucy Kueng, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
▪︎ Robin Kwong, The Wall Street Journal
▪︎ Chris Moran, The Guardian


Saturday 9 April

10:30 – Hotel Brufani, Sala Raffaello
Using AI to tackle ‘impossible’ investigations
▪︎ Clayton Aldern, Grist
▪︎ Edward Boyda, Earthrise Media
▪︎ Boyoung Lim, Pulitzer Center
▪︎ Hyury Potter, Rainforest Investigations Network
▪︎ Lucia Walinchus, Eye on Ohio

12:00 – Sala Brugnoli, Palazzo Cesaroni
Should media organizations and journalists accept funding from Google and Meta?
▪︎ Charlie Beckett, JournalismAI
▪︎ Emily Bell, Tow Center for Digital Journalism
▪︎ Mathew Ingram, Columbia Journalism Review

12:00 – Sala del Dottorato
Critical reporting on technology and technology policy-making
▪︎ Julia Angwin, The Markup
▪︎ Markus Beckedahl, Netzpolitik
▪︎ Fabio Chiusi, Journalist and Author

15:30 – Sala della Vaccara, Palazzo dei Priori
Managing a newsroom in the AI-powered future
▪︎ Charlie Beckett, JournalismAI
▪︎ Gina Chua, Semafor
▪︎ Lisa Gibbs, Associated Press
▪︎ Niddal Salah-Eldin, FreeTech Academy

18:30 – Sala del Dottorato
The human and the machine: can we rely on AI to solve the information crisis?
▪︎ Catherine Gicheru, Africa Women Journalism Project
▪︎ Mark Little, Kinzen
▪︎ Ben Whitelaw, Freelance Journalist



Here’s the full programme of the International Journalism Festival. If you can’t be there, you can follow all sessions via live-stream or on-demand at

Are you going to be in Perugia and want to talk about JournalismAI? Get in touch and let’s grab a coffee!

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