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About Polis

Polis is the LSE’s media think-tank, a part of the Department of Media and Communications aimed at working journalists, people in public life and students in the UK and around the world. Polis is the place where journalists and the wider world can examine and discuss the media and its impact on society. Polis has a dual mission to:

  • provide a forum for public debate and policy intervention on key issues of news journalism
  • produce outstanding research on the impact of mediation and journalism in our societies

To this end, Polis‘ commitment is two-fold. It is committed to promoting open and substantial dialogue on the changing structures, policies and practices of journalism, inviting diverse stakeholders to reflect on the dilemmas that journalism faces today.

The public face of Polis is our programme of lectures, seminars, research and events. We bring significant and controversial figures from the media to talk about their role in society. We get important public figures to talk about what they think about the way that the media deals with the world. And then we will get them to talk to each other.

Get in touch and join the Polis debate. Contact Charlie Beckett at or via @charliebeckett or contact the Polis Manager Julia Ziemer

You can also follow @PolisLSE and like the Polis Facebook page.


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