Promoting tech for good- the Womanity Award

LSE MSc students Dana Vigran and Tara Bell reflect on their experience working on an internship at LSE with the Womanity Foundation on their Womanity Award for the Prevention of Violence Against Women.

Working with the Womanity Foundation in a group of LSE students gave us the opportunity to observe, participate and learn from the extensive selection process: narrowing down thirteen applications to […]

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Telling the Human Story: A Polis Film

In this short film Telling the Human Story: Reporting Refugees from Lebanon by LSE MSc student Joelle Eid, journalists based in Lebanon talk about how they covered the story of the Syrian refugee crisis from the place it all started and where it continues. They provide insight into the challenges and inspiration they found trying to convey the complexity and […]


Research focus: European Media Discourses of Africa

Eva Polonska-Kimunguyi is a Visiting Fellow at LSE doing research into European (international) broadcasting and its coverage of African affairs. Looking at four international broadcasters: BBC World Service, France 24, German Deutsche Welle, and pan-European Euronews, her research combines media and international relations. It looks at the broadcasters’ policies towards Africa, their narratives on African issues in the news on the […]

  • Six year old Shereen and eight year-old Mohammed
    Permalink Six year old Shereen and eight year-old Mohammed, stand in the Syrian town of Kobane on the Turkish-Syrian border during the September 2014 refugee influx into southern Turkey ©WFP/Joelle EidGallery

    Strolling down Houghton Street, the war in Syria looks a little less real

Strolling down Houghton Street, the war in Syria looks a little less real

Joelle Eid is an MSc Media and Communications student at LSE.  Prior to that, she acted as spokesperson for the World food Programme and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, covering the Syria crisis.  Follow her on Twitter @joelleeid & Instagram @joweid

If it happened in my backyard, could it suddenly feel like it didn’t?

Wake up […]


Why we need coverage of suffering

This article is by Polis Summer School student Sara Hodgkins (@shodgkinss)

Just Because You Don’t Like It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Happening: Why We Need Coverage of Suffering

Suffering. A hard, difficult word. My classmates grimace at the thought of the images we are about to be shown – a young boy with a bloodied skull running through chaotic streets, a […]