What journalists talk about when they talk about AI

Since the launch of the project six weeks ago, our Journalism AI team has been talking with journalists and technologists to find out what are their main thoughts, concerns and expectations about the future of AI-powered technologies in journalism.

Following informal meetings and conversations, both online and at industry events, in the last two weeks we have organised special gatherings […]


How can journalists become more human literate?

Journalism is being refashioned in a thousand ways but do we understand the fundamentals of the challenge? This wide-ranging article by CUNY journalism professor @jeffjarvis sets out some basic false assumptions that the news media has still not faced properly. It touches on some obsessions of mine.

Jeff’s questioning of “the primacy of the story as journalistic form and…the risk of valuing drama, […]


Emotion as an organising principle for networked journalism

Journalism is becoming more emotional. The social networks and business models such as membership or subscription mean that content is being created to tap into people’s feelings, values and identities. Is this going to lead to increased sensationalism and bias or can it be harnessed to create more engaging, empathetic content? This is the text of Charlie Beckett’s lecture […]


What future for AI in news? We want to find out

Introducing Journalism AI, a collaboration between LSE’s Polis and the Google News Initiative to foster literacy in newsrooms globally about artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are already having an impact on newsrooms around the world. It is possible that they could have a profound effect on the future of news. But how well are journalists and news […]


Reporting Terror: First Lessons From New Zealand

The shocking attack in New Zealand is a reminder that terrorism is above all a media act. Without publicity there would be no point for the terrorist. They are attempts to show their power, recruit supporters, encourage emulators, to disrupt society and to provoke the authorities into reactions that might bolster their sinister strategies. The option of a media […]