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Podcast: Sue Turton, independent foreign affairs reporter

Sue Turton, formerly a foreign affairs reporter for Al Jazeera, talked to Polis Summer School on 14 July 2015 about her career, world affairs, and why a journalist should always carry a tourniquet!

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LISTEN: News Impact Summit 2015 podcasts

On Friday 5 June 2015, the fifth edition of the News Impact Summit was held here at LSE, organised by the European Journalism Centre, Google News Labs, and Polis.

The theme for the conference was “The Social Impact of Digital Storytelling”, and shed light on how digital age journalism plays a role in social impact, whether during the elections, natural disasters, […]


Polis Conference 2015 podcasts

Catch-up on any sessions you missed from the Polis Conference 2015 with the podcasts in this post.


Polis 2015: 6 session videos from the Sheikh Zayed Theatre

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Session List

2015: A Post-TV Election?
Keynote: Adam Boulton
Chair: Charlie Beckett

The Media Battleground: talking tactics to spin to victory
Speakers: Jo Coburn (chair), Miranda Green, Mary Riddell, Tim Montgomerie, Adam Ramsay, Matt Goodwin

Significance: what’s the big story of this election?
Speakers: Anne McElvoy (chair), Isabel Hardman, Mary Ann Sieghart, Rafael Behr, Pat Kane

Election 2015: […]


Polis 2015 video: The Media Battleground

Jo Coburn chairs a panel discussion, entitled ‘The Media Battleground: Talking tactics to spin a victory’, featuring speakers Miranda Green, Mary Riddell, Tim Montgomerie, Adam Ramsay, and Mathew Goodwin at the Polis 2015 Conference, 27 March 2015.