“Forward” Thinking: Will Straw and the future of online political journalism (Guest blog)

AOL’s $315 million acquisition of The Huffington Post this week has infused new life into debates about the viability of such news and blogging websites as profit-producing investments. Could a HuffPost work in the UK? POLIS intern Beth Lowell reports on one political wonk’s view of the future of British online political news media.


Egypt: A Case for Net Neutrality? (guest blog)

Amidst the coverage of Egypt’s Internet shutdown, a question frequently raised during last term’s POLIS Media Dialogues series seems increasingly relevant: how can Information & Communications Technology companies (ICTs) uphold their commitment to protect customers’ freedom of expression when this right conflicts with the legal restrictions of their foreign licenses? POLIS Intern Beth Lowell reports. When asked this question during his POLIS […]


Conspicuous Eclecticism or Mexican Waving? Citizen As Publisher

Here are two key media analysis rules: 1. Never generalise from your own media behaviour 2. All the best work is done in conference coffee breaks or late at night over a glass of red wine (or two) In this blog I will try to avoid the former, while pleading guilty to the latter.

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The Ambiguity of Blogging: Beneficial and Believable? (guest blog)

The Ambiguity of Blogging by Polis Summer School Student, Nadine Makarem An international celebrity “Tweeted” in May 2009: “Laying in bed this morning contemplating how amazing it would be if somehow Oscar Wilde and Mae West could twitter from the grave”. The absurdity of this statement makes it comical, but the idea of media providing information from beyond the boundaries […]


The Economist: networking a global niche

The biggest threat to The Economist’s current relative prosperity will be when they get wifi on Jumbos. Some carriers are hoping to do so within two years. Economist readers fly a lot and use the down-time between airplane movies and meals to consume the magazine. On average they spend about 43 minutes doing so. When else do they get that sort […]

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