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Alternative Media Is An Alternative (guest blog)

How do you define Alternative Media in an age when the Internet provides so many alternatives? Hyper-local blog expert Will Perrin came to Polis Summer School to join in a day of debate on that subject. This was the response from Summer School student Fatymatou Dia: Since the beginning of the course, I have been struggling with definitions  for journalism in […]


When Documentation Becomes Reality (Guest Summer School blog)

Kevin Anderson (@KevGlobal) gave a positive history of the virtues of new media journalism in a talk to the Polis Summer School that captivated most students. But as Summer School student Joanna McNurlen reports, social media at its most un-mediated can create profound problems. Do we really want total freedom of digital expression? When Documentation Becomes Reality by Joanna McNurlen […]


Social Networks and Journalism: a 5 minute interview

This is a five minute email interview I did for Alix Abi-Aad, a journalism student at Leeds Trinity. I do quite a lot of these so I thought it was worth posting one for a change. Kinda practicing the preaching. Alix Q: Firstly, with the rise of social networking and blogs, there are an increased amount of citizen journalists. Do you […]


The First TV (& Social Media) Election Debate Is A (Small) Triumph For Democracy

The Channel 4 News produced Ask the Chancellors TV debate was proof that networked journalism makes for better political news media. The debate itself, hosted by the ever-efficient Krishnan Guru-Murthy was lively and well-paced. Vince Cable came over as Mr Reasonable, but Labour will be pleased at the way that Alastair Darling stood up for the Government, while the Tories […]

March 29th, 2010|Politics|5 Comments|

Editorial Diversity: Quality Networked Journalism

This is a second draft extract from a paper I am writing on the idea of ‘Quality’ in Networked Journalism. Read Part One here. Comments more than welcome! Networked Journalism creates ‘quality’ by adding value to news in three ways. 1. Editorial diversity: it creates more substantial and varied news 2. Connectivity and Interactivity: it distributes news in different ways […]

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