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Getting a Handel on the truth: ‘Alcina’ in Vienna

One central purpose of journalism has always been a striving after something called truth. Yet, three centuries after the Enlightenment raised that rational ideal of objective, empirical verity, we are now mired in a confusion of relativism, mendacity, propaganda and pluralism. This is good. The Wiener Staatsoper production of Handel’s rarely performed late opera ‘Alcina’ is intellectual entertainment at its […]

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Media and social solidarity: Vienna part II

So should we worry if traditional journalism is in decline? Does it matter for democracy? Our transatlantic conversation now turned to the political impact of media change. Paolo Mancini of Perugia University reminded us that they idea of media as fourth estate is historically a pretty recent and specific phenomenon. And the idea that newspapers are more than a product […]


Not just for Christmas? How the Guardian tried to change development reporting

This report by Polis intern Aivory Gaw People are inherently self-interested.  But with this self-interest comes the occasional need for altruistic action.  Arise, Christmas charities where media outlets do their once a year act of humanitarian service that attracts people to donate to causes around the world.  However, the problem is, this kind of service occurs just once a year.  People donate money without really knowing where the funding goes or how […]


Journalism, charity and transparency

I am all in favour of journalists working with other organisations to create editorial material. It’s an idea at the heart of networked journalism and it’s been a reality of news media for yonks. Charities can give you access, expertise and cases. In return they get publicity for their cause. But it can backfire for all concerned in specific cases […]

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Media is for Peace, Love and Understanding?

There are different theories of what role the media should embrace. One of them is that the media should serve the audience and is responsible in seeking truth. With regard to conflicts this means that responsible journalism providing all relevant information can be a promoter of peace, love and understanding. But is “objectivity” in journalism even possible? And where does […]