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What Can Murdoch Offer Hunt To Get His BSkyB Deal? (Guest blog)

This blog by my colleague Damian Tambini sets out in detail the options for horse-trading between the Minister and Murdoch. But it also explores whether this is an opportunity for a broader settlement that seeks to address the wider problem of  plurality. It first appeared on the LSE Media Policy Project blog.


Governing In The New Media Age: Prime Ministers meet the Web pundits (WEF at Davos)

The only way we are going to forward the transparency agenda is if we can bring together the powerful with the new mediators. We need to put Prime Ministers and leading business folk in the same room as activists like Ushahidi and pundits like Clay Shirky, Jonathan Zittrain and Jeff Jarvis. That’s exactly what happened at Davos. I am chair […]


Hunt, Murdoch, Newscorp and BSkyB: A ‘brave’ decision?

I don’t often make calls on big controversial decisions because I think my job is to observe and analyse, not gamble. It’s also because I am usually wrong [would you trust the judgement of someone with a West Ham season ticket?]. But my instinct with the Newscorp BSkyB decision is that I could never imagine Jeremy Hunt standing up in […]

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Media Pluralism: How Rawls can help us think about Newscorp’s BskyB bid (guest blog)

One of the things that has intriqued me about the arugment over the Newscorp/BSkyB bid has been the range of responses from the legalistic to the emotional. In the end Jeremy Hunt will have to show that he has acted on rational grounds. It is a political decision, but it must be based on rationality. Otherwise, some highly-paid lawyers are […]

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Murdoch, protest and localism: Jeremy Hunt at the LSE (guest blog)

Our Jeremy Hunt event was exciting but strange. He is effectively forbidden to speak about the big issue on his desk, the Newscorp bid for BSkyB, and it was interrupted by a student protest. Perhaps the most interesting theme was Hunt’s commitment to using local media to improve local democracy. POLIS intern Trish Audette reports.

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