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The Times Pay-Wall: A Golden Ghetto or Desert Island Risk?

From the Garden of Eden to Jonestown, humans have dreamed of ideal walled communities. If only we can shelter from the winds of reality, so goes the myth-makers, we can create a space to live our lives the way that we want. In that sense, The Times’ pay-wall plans are positively utopian. I have nothing in principle against pay-walls. To […]

March 29th, 2010|Media|0 Comments|

When journalists go online: ethical challenges for news and social media

This report on the Polis/PCC seminar is by Polis Researcher Hibah Hussain. The meteoric rise of social networks and micro-blogging platforms raises important new ethical and practical questions for journalists and policy makers. A special panel sponsored by Polis and the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) brought together experts from journalism, the legal field, academia, and regulatory bodies to explore challenges […]


Your News Is Our News: How Can Global Journalism Survive?

For a global elite who care about the big international issues such as climate change, economic regulation or conflict and security, modern media is a wondrous but worrying thing. Thanks to great multi-national brands like the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera or the New York Times we have fantastic trans-national news resources. While the Guardian only has 300,000 sales in the […]


Why Shouldn't The Mail Steal Your Photos?

Twitter people love to hate the Daily Mail, so it’s no surprise to see them leading the latest charge against Dacre’s outfit. This time the newspaper’s website stands accused of using people’s photos – largely from Flickr – to illustrate a nice online liftestyle piece about ‘moneyfacing’. This is a charming optical illusion craze whereby you crease up half a […]

December 11th, 2009|Journalism, Media|16 Comments|

Walls, falls and collaboration: the next 5 years for media (new survey)

The sun came out briefly as I emerged from the latest excellent Oliver and Ohlbaum briefing on media industry trends, but it was still very cold and wet. It seemed the perfect metaphor for their predictions. If you want all their data – and it is sumptious and stimulating – then you must pay, but here are some of the […]

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