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Was Nixon’s Visit to China a Harbinger for Chinese Media Policy?

This article by Polis intern Eryk Salvaggio  In a telling scene from Mike Chinoy’s documentary, “Assignment China: The Week that Changed the World,” an oral history of Richard Nixon’s historic 1972 visit to the PRC, American Journalist Ted Koppel describes Nixon’s first view of Great Wall.Along the wall were families on blankets, listening to radios, snapping pictures, and doing all […]


Some media-related questions after Obama’s victory

Some media-related questions after Obama’s victory. (Some of these are stupid, some rhetorical, and the list will grow) Please feel free to suggest more via @CharlieBeckett or in the comments. 1. Why do political journalists still treat campaigns like theatre or sport when it is now maths? (cf Nate Silver)

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Aristotle Good, Churchill better, Blair best? The art and history of speech-making (guest-blog)

This report on our latest Media Agenda Talk by Polis intern Matilde Beccatti. A great argument,  great writing and a great occasion: these are the three conditions to become an “at least average” speaker according to Philip Collins. The Times political columnist and former speechwriter for Tony Blair, talked to LSE students about one of the most important arts that […]


Does being networked change journalism? (guest blog)

I have been preaching the gospel of networked journalism for years. I think that public participation and interaction are now a routine part of all kinds of news media and it’s also become a regular fixture in our teaching about journalism at the LSE. But what difference does it make? In this guest article by LSE student and Polis intern […]


Should charities be allowed ‘political’ advertising on TV?

Is the ban on political broadcast adverts preventing people from doing good? Was Bono’s latest celebrity-filled advertisement, released by his charity, a political act or merely an effort to draw attention to famine in East Africa? Polis intern April Simpson reports.

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